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Sloth Time...


Encountering a giant sloth is a surreal and magical experience that you will want to record, share and remember forever... They are like real sloths, only naughtier and big enough to engulf your entire family in a slow hug. The mesmerising music and chill vibes will make you feel like an honorary sloth as they affectionately groom and preen you exhibiting typical swampy sloth behaviours whilst instinctively working the camera too. They are more playful than you might imagine, not to mention selfie addicted! They’ve learned how to fist bump, steal your hat, mess up your hair, sneak a cheeky beard stroke and even try their humungous claws at matchmaking (since they can fit your entire head in one hand). Baby Dribble is adorable and loves to play with little ones. Hanging onto our sloth handler, he will chew on your fingers and snuggle into anything soft you might be wearing. He’s at the age where he will try to eat anything so be aware and watch your hair! Will Dawdle, our handler explains the amazingly bizarre sloth habits and will answer any questions you might want to know about her companions making Sloth Time a great conversational and conservational attraction. If you look hard, you may even find a sloth moth dwelling on your unlikely new friends, hiding in the green algae! As our anarchic funny sloth family envelop you into their hairy fold they have been known to bring euphoric tears to people of all ages! Sloths are massive right now and Hibiscus, Gladys and Dribble seem to have come straight out of a story to make dreams come true. The looks of wonder they bring to peoples’ faces are truly unforgettable when they get slothed!

Where does it work best?

Since 2019 Sloth Time has been performed all over the world from Beijing to Bradford at shopping centres, music festivals, National Celebrations, fetes and even private parties.

Sloth Time typically performs 3 sets of forty minutes each.

The sloths can traverse all terrains and climb stairs but prefer shelter in rainy conditions.

We don't require much on a gig, just a private secure space where we can be between sets and drinking water.

Our setup is simple and our flight requirements minimal.

We promise to cause quite a stir at any event.

For more information on how to book us go to our Contact us page.

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