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Sloth Watch:Learning Through Interaction

Giant Sloth Educational Visits

Our aim is to encourage discovery, inspire creative writing and
create awareness of life in the rainforest. We educate children
about evolution and global warming by making learning fun,
entertaining and accessible!
Sloths are extremely popular right now, adults and children
alike are fascinated by these prehistoric creatures. Monitoring
their ecology and behaviour provides us with information on
ecosystems, rainforests and climate change. They have been
adapting to their changing environment for millions of years,
since giant Megatherium roamed South America. Three toed
sloths are magnificent, but in many places endangered,
especially the Pygmy sloth.
Qualified sloth handler Will Dawdle brings her giant three toed
sloth Hibiscus and baby orphan Dribble, (who is at the age
where he will try to eat anything) to explain the amazingly
bizarre habits of sloths. Full of facts, she will answer any
questions you might want to know about her companions.
Meanwhile they tend to have the class in stitches, mesmerised
by their strange, soporific movement.
Will Dawdle will keep Hibiscus and baby Dribble in check whilst
teaching a cool dance, organising a class photo and song
session, offering useful sloth information, all of which correlates

As Climate Change and Rainforest become more pressing,
both on and off the syllabus, inviting Sloth Watch into your
school will bring the subject to life. It will inspire children by
providing time to get to know their subject better and have their
questions answered and the chance to stare a sloth directly in
the eyes without the cruelty and smell of having live animals in
the classroom (sloths are pungent!). Sloth Watch is a unique
sensory and interactive experience that will never be
forgotten. The result is they will work hard at producing creative
projects and engage in deeper discussions around this exciting
and important topic!

Who’s it aimed at?
Sloth Watch is aimed at Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2 and has been
adapted to suit the learning outcomes of each specific age group.
How it works:
Sloth Watch visits classrooms bringing the entertainment right
to you. We don’t require much space to set up - any room out
of view from children will suffice.
Due to the size and weight of Hibiscus, the operators can only
perform for 30 minutes at any one time, and require a 20
minute heat break between each set allowing them to travel
between classrooms. After Hibiscus has left, Will and Dribble
the baby puppet will finish up the Q and A meaning each
session will last 35-40 mins.
Sloth Watch can visit up to 6 classrooms a day with up to 35
children in each. Maximum 210 children per day.
After the session teachers can choose activities from our
specially designed packs to continue creative conversations on
climate change and the rainforest. Hibiscus can manage stairs
so do not worry about classrooms being on one level.
All performers carry public liability of up to £10,000 000 and
current D.B.S. checks and have signed our safeguarding policy.
Giddy Kipper Arts is a small artist led community interest
company specialising in visual theatre committed to providing

creative learning workshops with the power to ignite young
minds and imaginations.
Since 2015 we have toured our shows to festivals, libraries and
schools from Beijing to Bolton.
All costumes have been created in-house from our tiny cottage in West Yorkshire

Areas covered:
Anywhere less than 70miles driving from our postcode OL14
(Todmorden, West Yorkshire).
How to book:
Get in touch today Tom on

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