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Sloth Watch:
The Only Sloth Show in The World

Giddy Kipper Arts are a leading puppet and award-winning living statue theatre company that has toured nationally and internationally to theatres, festivals and schools since 2016.


Invite our extraordinary, funny sloth family to hang out in your theatre and engulf you in their swampy sloth lifestyle. Meet Hibiscus, our giant Pygmy sloth who’s travelled a long way from his rainforest home. Also, baby Dribble, who loves to play with little ones, chewing on your fingers and snuggling into anything soft (be aware and watch your hair), all the while hanging on tightly to our supernaturally, patient sloth handler. If you look hard, you may even find a sloth moth dwelling on your unlikely new friends, hiding in the green algae.


Sloths have been adapting to their changing environment for millions of years, ever since giant Megatherium roamed South America. Three-toed sloths are, in many places, endangered - especially the pygmy sloth.


Enter Will Dawdle, who’s come to tell their story through shadow and projections, creating a great conversational and conservational attraction full of important, transferable messages about the world around us. They will answer any questions that you might want to know. Meanwhile, their companions will have your audience in stitches, mesmerised by their strange, soporific movement..


We aim to encourage discovery, inspire creative writing and create awareness of life in the rainforests. We educate children

about evolution and global warming by making learning fun, entertaining and accessible!


Sloths are extremely popular right now, adults and children alike are fascinated by the bizarre habits of these prehistoric creatures. They are Sentinel Species which means that monitoring their ecology and behaviour provides us with information on ecosystems, rainforests and climate change.


Let’s excite a generation of people who strive to understand their role in earth’s ecosystems and pioneer a symbiotic future for humanity that learns from nature

The show lasts 45 minutes, followed by a 30 minute meet and greet with the puppets.

The show can be repeated as required up to three times a day with a minimum of an hour and a half reset time.


Maximum audience 250 per show


Performance space: 3m height, 4m length, 4m depth preferred, must have at least 3m depth for back projections and be able to be blacked out.


Get-in time 3hrs/Get out 1.5hr


Self-sufficient lighting and no pre-rig is required.


All sound and lights are operated on stage. Though we do require someone to turn the house lights on and off at the start and end of the show.


Require x3 13amp plug sockets (2 for stage, 1 for projector)


Require PA system with 3.5mm mini jack 





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